PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

We propose suitable PLC hardware configuration and provide programming services to achieve desired control system
as required by contract specification and control philosophy accordingly.
We specialize PLC Programming in;

♠  Schneider : unity-Pro, Twido-Suite, Concept, PL7
ABB : Control Builder
Allen Bradley: RS Logix
Siemens : S7, TIA portal, Step7
Omron : Cx-Programmer
Mitsubishi : GX Developer, GX Works
GE Automation: Proficy Machine Edition

Schneider PLC

Siemens PLC

Mitsubishi PLC

Allen Bradley PLC

Omron PLC

SCADA(Supervisory Control Automation & Data Acquisition)

A&H Controls proposes SCADA softare and communication configurations with the PLC, after discussion with the clients to meet contract requirement and specifications.

We provide engineering service for HMI graphics (Humane Machine Interface) development which is highly robust, very effective, good visual appeal and user friendly.

Our HMI is fully equipped and well designed with Alarm system, Report function and operator alert SMS system according to the contract requirements.

We specialize SCADA/HMI programming in;

Schneider : Vijeo Citect, Vijeo Designer
Siemens : WinCC, WinCC Flexible
GE Intellution: Proficy iFix SCADA
Invensys : Wonderware Intouch SCADA
Inductive Automation : Ignition SCADA
Mitsubishi : MC Works 32

Control Panel Design & Fabrication

Control Panel design and fabrication is another part of our core business. We design and build high quality control panels that are equipped with PLC, Electrical control components, VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) and Servo drives to control various motors, valves and also monitor analyzers.



We provide services for design, installation and on-site calibration for various type of instruments. The company specialize in process control instruments such as ultrasonic level, radar level, pressure transmitters, temperature controllers, water quality monitoring instruments (pH, conductivity, ORP, TOC, Chlorine, Turbidity, particle counters) and many more.

Testing and Commissioning

Our specializations include testing and commissioning of Control panels, Process Control and SCADA systems. We provide FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) for customers to witness the panel construction quality, Layout and I/O wiring before the product delivery to Site. After the necessary field instrument and equipment connections on-site, SAT(Site Acceptance Test) will be conducted by us to finalize the reliable process control system.


Engineered Products & Skid Packages

We has designed, manufactured and tested a wide variety of custom-engineered products and complete skid-mounted systems.  We has special expertise in water treatment applications.

Our experienced engineering team has created systems for a multitude of markets and customers. We apply our in-house talents to accommodate all aspects of design, from piping and PLC programming. Systems can be designed to meet as required.

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