Sure (Water Quality)

We offer a variety of water quality measurement devices such as batch controllers,pH meters,conductivity meters,dissolved oxygen meters, turbidity meters and etc, to suit your application requirements.

If you need help in determining which product will best suit your application ,please call or email us for application/product support and enquiries.

Totalizer/Batch Controller

Totalizer without temp and pressure compensation

Batch Controller

Totalizer with temp and pressure compensation

pH measurements

SPH1 Meter

SPH2 Meter

E+H Imported Electrode

PH Electrode Plastic

PH Electrode Glass

Stainless Steel 304 Protector

Glass Electrode Protection Sheath

Flange Bracker

Flow Cup

Conductivity Meters

Conductivity Meter CDN

Conductivity Sensor Model K=10

Conductivity Sensor Model K=1

Conductivity Sensor Model K=0.1

Conductivity Sensor Model K=0.01

Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter DM2

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor DO6

Turbidity meter

Optical Turbidity Meter SC2

Turbidity Sensor DB2

Mounting Bracket