Sure (Flow Instruments)

We offer a variety of flow meters that has high accuracy and efficiency suitable for various uses in the industries. quality products, sensors and measurement methods. The types of flow meters ranges from magnetic to ultrasonic and each type has various sizes and specifications with differing prices. In order to get a pricing, please contact us with the type of flow meter and specifications you are looking for.

If you need help determining which product will best suit your application whether it be sewer network monitoring, open channel flow measurements, pipe monitors or ultrasonic flow meters. Don’t hesitate to call or email us for quotation or further enquiries.

Magnetic Flow Meters

LDG-B Type

LDG-Y Type

LDG-T Type

SS304 Type

LDG A(Azibl) Type

Remote Type

Ball Valve Type

Compact Type

Remote Display

Liquid Turbine Flow Meters

N1 Type

A or N2 Type

Sanitary liquid Type

Mini Turbine

Vortex Flow Meter

DT Type

DB Type

DA Type

Lux Swirl Flowmeter

Ultrasonic Flowmeter

TUF 2000S

TUF 2000H

TUF 2000P

Handheld doppler Clamp-on

Wall mounted doppler Clamp-on

Variable Area Flowmeter

LC oval gear flow meter

Mechanical Display

Mini Type

Glass Type

Digital Display

Mass Flowmeter

STG Thermal Gas Mass Flowmeter(Flange)

STG Thermal Gas Mass Flowmeter(Insertion)

U Type Coriolis Flowmeter

V Type Coriolis Flowmeter