Ultra 3

Ultra 3

Sophisticated and reliable non-contacting ultrasonic measurement

Ultra 3 provides reliable non-contacting ultrasonic level, volume, open channel flow measurement and pump control. The Ultra 3 controller benefits from Pulsar’s DATEM, advanced echo processing software, for reliable level measurement.


  • 3 relays
  • IP64 or IP65 depending on mounting option chosen
  • Easy menu driven set-up – see Ultra Wizard section below

Available in 4 different versions to suit your installation requirements.

Ultra 3 wall mount
Wall Mount
Ultra 3 fascia mount
Fascia Mount
Ultra 3 rack mount
Rack Mount
Ultra 3 panel mount
Panel Mount

A full-function combination instrument

Level and Volume:

Ultra 3 is perfect for the wide range of level measurement applications, featuring three control relays and a measurement range from 125mm to 40m. Up to 50m measurement range is available via an optional ‘modified’ Ultra 3 controller which powers a dB50 transducer. Includes pre-programmed tank shape conversion for a variety of standard tank shapes. Unusual shapes are also accommodated through the 32 point linearisation function.

Pump control:

Ultra 3 gives you pump control on changing level or rate of level change to provide:

  • Power on delay
  • Pump start delay
  • Fixed duty assist
  • Fixed duty back up
  • Alternate duty assist
  • Alternate duty back up
  • Duty back up and assist
  • Service ratio duty assist
  • Service ratio duty back up
  • FOFO (alternate first on first off duty assist)

Open channel flow:

Ultra 3 provides flow measurement and control in a wide range of flumes and weirs by calculating flow from the measured head preceding a primary element. Flow calculation to BS ISO 1438 and 4359.

Easy Menu Set-up – Ultra Wizard

Ultra Wizard

Ultra Wizard is an on-board, menu-driven software tool that allows the user to quickly and simply set up an Ultra 3 unit for a specific application. The user is led into a ‘Quick Setup’ menu specific to the application chosen that allows parameters such as empty and full distances and alarm/control relay settings to be entered. The majority of applications will be ‘ready to go’. This unit can also be configured using Pulsar’s PC Suite software.

Product Details:

3 Relays
1x 4-20mA output
Requires a Pulsar Transducer

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