Open Channel Flow Meter

The FlowCERT open channel flow meter provides comprehensive flow monitoring with data logging and control functions for a complete range of flumes and weirs. It is compatible with a range of sensors in order to create a flow metering system to suit your application.


  • Easy prompt set up
  • Standard on board memory gives 1 year log at 10 minute intervals
  • 5 control/alarm relays
  • Flow totalisation and outputs
  • Universal flow calculation (32 setpoints)
  • Penstock control using step time
  • Modbus and Profibus options

Product Details:

5 relays
2x 4-20mA outputs
MCERTS Class 1 (0.044% accuracy) with DUET
Requires a Pulsar transducer

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FlowCERT Lite MCERTS Certified Product