FlowCERT Lite

FlowCERT Lite

MCERTS flow meter


FlowCERT Lite offers 2 mcert open channel flow meter systems both with Class 1 approval.


  • Ideal for open channel flow measurement with flumes or weirs
  • MCERTS certified system
  • Easy installation, simple menu-driven setup
  • Meets BS3680 open channel flow standard
  • Proven non-contacting ultrasonic technology
  • On-board memory gives 1 year log at 15min intervals (optional)
  • Modbus and Profibus options

FlowCERT Lite MCERTs certification

MCERTs certified systems

FlowCERT Lite MCERTS Class 1 0.054% accuracy    

MCERTS Class 1 – 0.054% accuracy

System includes:
FlowCERT Lite, dB3 transducer and external PT100 Class B3 temperature compensation sensor

FlowCERT Lite and dB3 with Twin Pulsar Sunshields    

MCERTS Class 1 – 0.193% accuracy

System includes:
FlowCERT Lite, dB3 transducer with double sunshields (internal temperature compensation)

N.B. Direct sunlight/solar radiation can significantly influence the speed of sound. In applications where this is likely we recommend the use of FlowCERT featuring DUET (MCERTS Class 1 – 0.044% accuracy).

Data Logging

Ultra Data Logger

Ultra Data Logger

Pulsar’s Ultra Data Logger provides wall mounted Ultra Controllers with data logging functionality.
Ultra Data Logger records a wealth of information onto the supplied 8GB Micro SD card enabling you to log a wealth of data for the lifetime of the unit – for example, when set to log at 30 second intervals, the logging period is 19,884 days (54.5 years). Log interval is user selectable and logged files are stored in .csv format which can be used with the most widely used spreadsheet software.

Product Details:

5 relays
1x 4-20mA outputs
MCERTS Class 1 (0.054% accuracy)
Requires a Pulsar transducer 

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