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Image: Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
Name: Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
Manufacturer: Tianjin
Type: Flow Meter

The mass flowmeter is composed of two parts, the sensor and the transmitter. The mass flow meter is equipped with a digital transfer device, which provides high measuring accuracy, wide range ability and excellent reliability.
The flow meter will not only calculate process volume flow rate, accumulated volume and component proportion. The TS Series flowmeter can also provide mass flow rate, density and temperature online and in real-time.

Material pipeline : SS316L; Hastelloy HC
Flow rate measurement accuracy : 0.2%; 0.1%; optional
Density measurement accuracy : 0.002g/cm3; 0.001g/cm3; optional
Repeatability : 0.10% Flow Rate ±[1/2 (zero point stability/ flow rate)* 100] % flow rate
Signal output : 4-20mA, Pulse and Modbus RS485
Explosion signal : ExdibllCT5 Gb

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